The Flintstone F1yer

About Mike

Mike Duvall was born Wednesday, July 6 1949 in his hometown of Gaffney, South Carolina. Mike has two sons (Mitchell and Chad), two daughters (Amber and Bonnie), and one stepson (Jonathan). On July 5,1997, Mike married his lovely wife Pam, and just over a year later they had their latest addition to the family, Bonnie.

Mike first began his racing career in 1968 driving a '52 Ford that he was half owner teamed with Bobby Inman. The motor in Mike's first car was built by Danny Queen. Mike raced for two years in the Rookie Class winning 17 races. He then progressed to the six-cylinder Hobby Class where he won 38 races in one season, and later to the Sportsman Division before moving to Late Models. He's also done some asphalt racing on short tracks and has run a modified at Daytona three times and at Martinsville twice. Mike and his dad, Horace "Dick" Duvall, teamed together and built a shop and a '63 model Chevy Nova. During this time Mike was racing with the #5 on the car and his Nova was solid gold. He then raced a solid yellow and blue '68 Camaro before changing to his trademark red and gold #5 until 1979. After Mike's father Dick passed away he contracted with Dick Murphy to run five NDRA races in 1979. Mike was very successful in these races winning three of the five. This prompted the joining of Murphy and Duvall in 1980 and the Flintstone Flyer was born. The Flintstone Flyer was the first car to have a letter on the side along with a number.
Mike was brought up to believe you are what you think you are. This motto has made him one of the most successful racers in southern history. He thrives on the intense challenge and admits racing is his whole life, he loves it.

Racing for over 30 years, Mike has won over 700 races since moving to the late model series. He has won the prestigious World 100 at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio. He also was National Champion in 1982 of the "National Dirt Racing Association," (NDRA). In 1984 the NDRA circuit challenged that any driver that won three straight NDRA races would win a $50,000 bonus. This bonus was sponsored by Lunati cam and crankshafts. That challenge was not only met; but Mike set fast time and led every lap to accomplish what many said was impossible.

Mike's most recent big wins have come from sanctioned events at Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, South Carolina. In 1998, Mike won a $10,000 to win STAR's race at Cherokee. In September 1999, Mike won his third $10,000 to win Stick Elliot Memorial race at Cherokee Speedway. Mike has had three first place finishes in the prestigious Hav-A-Tampa racing series including a win at the 1991 event at Cherokee speedway. Mike has also won several Shrine races across the upstate with one-half of the winning money benefiting the Children's Center in Greenville, South Carolina. Mike works with the Shriners by promoting racing on their behalf.

Mike started a driving school in 1993. Over 400 students have attended his class. He has had everyone from local dirt track drivers to Grand National drivers attend the driving school. His students have gained valuable knowledge and understanding from Mike's many years of racing experience which has earned him the title "The Famous Flintstone Flyer."

Mike Duvall is known as the Famous Flintstone Flyer by kids and adults alike around the dirt tracks of the south. Wherever he goes to race, Mike seems to find time, no matter how busy he is, to shake hands, take pictures and sign autographs for all the kids which makes him number one in their book.